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Costs and Billing

Program Fees and Policies

Please note: No payment is due when you make a reservation for Orientation.

Program fees for all participants will be billed in the fall on the student's UCSB BARC Billing Statement. Students are required to pay in full the amount of the fees for all participants, including parents and guests, who have registered for UCSB Orientation on their reservation. Fee payment deadlines will be noted on the BARC statement. Fees are assessed per person.

Freshman Program With Accommodations - one overnight in on-campus residence hall - $318 per student
Freshman Program Only - make your own overnight arrangements - $283 per student
Parent Orientation Program - $283 per person

All programs include meals. See program information for overnight and meal details.

If you attend a UCSB Orientation session and do not attend UCSB, you will still be billed for all orientation fees for services provided.

Financial Assistance

Partial fee reductions are available to eligible students who have demonstrated financial need.

If paying for orientation is the only reason preventing you from attending:
  • No payment is due when you make a reservation; you will be billed in the fall on your UCSB BARC Billing Statement.
  • See the UCSB Billing website for information about payment plans or contact our office.
  • If you're not sure if your parents can attend, you can reserve your space in a session and add them later.
  • See the fee reduction information and application below.

Fee Reductions

A limited number of fee reductions are available to eligible students from families with an annual income of $35,000 or less. These are awarded based on need and in the order we receive applications until funds are depleted. To apply, print and mail the Application for a Fee Reduction which can be accessed below. If approved, the $100 fee reduction will be deducted from the total student program fee and the remainder will be billed in the fall. Fee reductions are for students only. Program fees for parents must be paid in full when you are billed in the fall.

Please note: You must also reserve your space in an Orientation session using the online reservation system. Your fee reduction application will not be processed if you have not submitted a reservation. There is no payment due when you make a reservation. Applications must be received no later than August 1.

Application for a Fee Reduction - Freshman