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Freshman Orientation Session Dates

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are implementing an online orientation program this summer for both students and parents. Our online program will be a complete orientation experience!

2020 Freshman Orientation Session Dates

The Online Freshman Orientation program will take place during the following two-day remote sessions. 

All session dates are subject to availability.

The orientation reservation system will open in mid-May.

  • Thursday-Friday, June 25-26 *
  • Monday-Tuesday, June 29-30
  • Monday-Tuesday, July 6-7
  • Thursday-Friday, July 9-10
  • Monday-Tuesday, July 13-14
  • Thursday-Friday, July 16-17
  • Monday-Tuesday, July 20-21
  • Thursday-Friday, July 23-24
  • Monday-Tuesday, July 27-28
  • Thursday-Friday, July 30-31
  • Monday-Tuesday, August 3-4
  • Monday-Tuesday, August 10-11

* Students who are admitted to the College of Engineering can reserve a space in any of the two-day freshman sessions except for June 25-26.

College of Creative Studies

Students who are admitted to the College of Creative Studies should select one of the following two-day sessions to attend Online Freshman Orientation: June 29-30, July 9-10, July 13-14, July 30-31, August 3-4. These online sessions will have specific advising and programming for CCS students and their parents.