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What is Online Freshman Orientation?

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are implementing an online orientation program this summer for both students and families. Our online program will be a complete orientation experience!

UCSB Freshman Orientation

Online Freshman Orientation is a two-day remote program where you will have the opportunity to:

  • Receive extensive academic advising in small groups
  • Register for fall classes appropriate for the first quarter
  • Learn about academics and undergraduate research
  • Meet other new students and make new friends
  • Explore ways to get involved in campus activities
  • Discuss important first-year college issues
  • Learn about campus life from current UCSB students
  • Get questions answered about coming to campus

Online Orientation is not mandatory, but it gives you an important head start in preparing for your college career. Approximately 95% of freshmen attend an Orientation session. Parents are not required to attend, but by participating in an online Parent Orientation session, they can learn more about UCSB and can make your transition to college easier.

UCSB Online Parent Orientation

The start of your college experience at UCSB is an important and exciting time for your parents too. For this reason, we offer an online Parent Orientation program to address their interests and concerns. This program is comprised of information to help familiarize parents with campus life. The online Parent Orientation session is during the same two days as the student's online session, with separate workshops and presentations designed specifically for parents. The more your parents understand about the college experience, the more helpful they will be during your transition. See the Parent Orientation section on this website for more details. Be sure to include your parents on your online reservation form if they plan to attend.