UCSB Orientation Programs and Parent Services designs and implements comprehensive student and parent programs that introduce educational, social, and personal resources to facilitate the success of new students. We focus on innovation, collaborate with UCSB departments, and develop skilled and confident Orientation leaders in order to meet the changing needs of our diverse community.

Orientation Programs and Parent Services seeks to accomplish these goals through the following programs.


New Student and Parent Orientation Sessions

Each summer, Orientation Programs offers approximately 17 Orientation sessions for new students and their parents. These sessions are two days for freshmen and one day for transfer students, and are designed to assist with the transition to UCSB from high school or other institutions. In previous years, attendance at Orientation has been approximately 95% for freshmen and 85% for transfer students.

The student and parent programs include large and small group meetings (discussions, lectures, presentations, panels); academic advising in small groups for students; tours of the campus, facilities, and Isla Vista; meals in a campus dining commons (during freshman sessions only); an overnight stay in a campus residence hall (during freshman sessions only, optional, and dependent upon availability); student social activities; parent social hour; workshops on student life; and assistance with fall course registration.

Beginning in mid-May, an informational postcard describing the Orientation program is mailed to freshmen and transfer students who have returned a Statement of Intent to Register to the UCSB Admissions Office.

More comprehensive information about Orientation is available on various sections of this website. See  FreshmanTransfer, and  Parent Orientation.


Online Modules for New Students

Orientation Programs produces several online modules for new students.

  • The transfer student online module is part of the  two-step transfer orientation process   and provides important academic advising from the major department and preparation for fall course registration.
  • The international freshman online module is  required  for all  international freshman students  and provides important academic advising, university requirements, and preparation for fall quarter.

Week of Welcome

At the beginning of fall quarter, there are several days of events to help new students become familiar with the variety of programs and services available to them at UCSB. Activities include receptions, discussions, workshops, tours of the campus, departmental meetings, campus organization social events, and  New Student Convocation. The online  UCSB Week of Welcome Calendar   is a comprehensive guide to Week of Welcome.


Graduate Student Orientation

At the beginning of fall quarter, a program is presented for new graduate students that includes important information about registration, the Graduate Division, Graduate Students Association, Student Health, Counseling, Career Services, and other campus resources. Panels on important graduate issues are also offered.


Orientation Student Staff Positions

Each year during fall and winter quarters, Orientation Programs advertises the availability of  student staff  positions. Two students are hired from among previous staff members to act as Student Coordinators, and approximately 28 students are hired as Orientation Staff advisors. These positions are advertised on posters, fliers, social media, letters to targeted groups of students across the campus, and announcements in specific winter quarter courses. Orientation Programs seeks to recruit a diverse staff representative of the range of students making up the UCSB student body. Those who are hired will participate in a three-month spring training program, and help to plan and implement the upcoming Orientation sessions. The process of students interviewing, training, and working in these positions is valuable for their personal and career development, as well as for the success of the Orientation program.