Parking Permits & Parking Location for Freshman Orientation

When you arrive on campus, follow the signs to Orientation and park in the 22 Parking Structure.

You must purchase a visitor parking permit from one of the pay stations.

The parking fee is $8 per day on weekdays; $4 per day on weekends. Pay stations accept credit cards or cash - $1 and $5 bills only. 

Parking fees are subject to change.

There is an unloading loop at the end of Ocean Road for those with heavy luggage. Lighter luggage can be carried from the parking area as you walk to Manzanita Village.

You must purchase a visitor parking permit and park in the 22 Parking Structure or you will be subject to a parking violation.

Check-in at Manzanita Village for Freshman Orientation


Is from 7:30-9:10am at Manzanita Village for Freshman Orientation.

Bring all luggage and materials with you as there will not be time to return to your car once the program begins. After parking, follow the signs to Orientation as you walk from the parking structure to Manzanita Village.

The signs will direct you on a path that begins on the side of the 22 Parking Structure near the Thunderdome Events Center.

The path will go past the Student Resource Building, San Rafael Hall, and Carrillo Dining Commons.

Welcome to UCSB Freshman Orientation!