Arts and Lectures


Associated Students


Billing Accounts Receivable Collections unit. BARC is a centralized system that oversees campus charges (tuition, student fees, on-campus housing and meal plans, Student Health charges, etc.) that you are required to pay.

Campbell Hall

Campbell Hall is a lecture and recital hall, with classes held during the day, and performances held during the evening.


Canvas is where you can access sites for your courses, find syllabus information, assignment due dates and more.


Counseling and Psychological Services


Campus Advocacy, Resources, and Education


College of Creative Studies


Campus Learning Assistance Services

Class level

Undergraduate class level (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) is determined by the number of units completed.


College of Engineering


Campus Resource Center

De Anza Center

Located nearby Manzanita Village, De Anza offers study spaces, meeting rooms, classrooms, and a kitchenette.

Discussion Section

Discussion sections are typically led by teaching assistants and are where you will have additional opportunity to discuss/practice the course content and assignments.


Del Playa Drive in Isla Vista 


Disabled Students Program 


Duo Multi-factor Authentication adds an additional layer of security by verifying not only that the person knows a password, but that the person also has access to a registered device, like a personal smartphone. 


Education Abroad Program


Electives are courses that fall outside of your major requirements. Every student will need to take elective courses to fulfill the upper-division units needed to graduate.


Educational Opportunity Program 


Faculty Research Assistance Program


Fraternity and Sorority Life 


Freshman Summer Start Program

General Catalog

The General Catalog is a comprehensive resource that includes information on courses, programs, activities, and services available at UCSB. It's where you can find the Undergraduate Major directory and Undergraduate Minor directory.


General Education requirement, aka GEs, are a set of courses that are considered foundational to your well-rounded university education. They will provide you with a breadth of knowledge to complement your major of choice.

Girvetz Hall

Centrally located lecture hall and classroom space on campus, located directly across from the Library.


Gaucho On-Line Data System is the student registration system. You will use GOLD to access your grades/academic history, registration information, class schedules, personal information updates, and more. Note: Class days are listed as M/T/W/R/F - R stands for Thursday.


Humanities and Social Sciences Building


The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) is a series of courses that California community college students can complete to satisfy freshman/sophomore level general education requirements before transferring to most colleges and majors at UC campuses.


The Interactive Learning Pavillion is UCSB’s newest facility, offering lecture halls, standard classrooms, project-based learning rooms, and group study rooms.


Isla Vista

IV Theater

Isla Vista Theater is used during the day as classrooms, and is used during the evening as an event venue. 


College of Letters & Science 


Labs are typically led by the teaching assistants and where you apply the content taught in lecture and in your readings.


Some courses will have a lecture and a discussion section OR lab. Lectures are typically where the main content of the course is delivered by the professor.

Lower-division courses

Lower-division courses have an assigned course number of 1-99. They are open to all UCSB students and are especially appropriate for first and second-year students.

Manzanita Village

Manzanita Village is located on the west side of the main campus and includes seventeen three and four story residential buildings with scenic views of the ocean, lagoon, or campus. Each building houses approximately 45 guests, and includes a laundry room, a lounge with a terrace, and a study room. Students opting to stay overnight on campus during Orientation, will be housed in Manzanita Village.


MultiCultural Center 


The UCSB NetID is the username used to sign-in to services and applications available to the UCSB community.


Orientation student staff leaders


Office of Black Student Development


Opening New Doors to Accelerating Success Student Center (ONDAS) promotes the success and retention of first-generation college students with an emphasis on the first year transition and underrepresented student experience.


Office of Student Conduct 

Pass Times

Pass Times (or registration appointments) are the times a student is assigned during which they can make changes to their schedule for a particular quarter.

Passed/Not Passed

You may choose to take some of your courses as a Passed/Not Passed option instead of electing for a letter grade. It is recommended that you review the Passed/Not Passed policies before selecting this option.


A Resident Assistant is a trained student leader who coordinates activities in residence halls. 


Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity 


Student Affairs


Student Engagement and Leadership


Shoreline is the campus engagement platform where you can find student organizations, campus events, and more.


Student Resource Building


Social Sciences and Media Studies Building 


Single Sign On is a session and user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials. At UCSB, you will use your NetID and password for Single Sign On. 


Summer Transitional Enrichment Program


Teaching Assistants are graduate students who assist with the instruction of the course. TAs will lead your discussion sections or labs and contribute to grading your assignments and exams. TAs also hold their own office hours for each course, so you have the possibility of going to office hours with both your professor and your TA.


Transfer Student Center, located on the first floor of the library.


University Center. Here you can find the campus bookstore, various eateries, the AS food bank, and the Food Security and Basic Needs advising center.


University of California Police Department 


Units are the amount of educational credit that are dedicated to each course. The number of units will vary for classes depending on how much time you spend in class and the number of hours you are expected to dedicate to the course outside of class time.

Upper-division courses

Upper-division courses have an assigned course number of 100-199. They are open to students who have completed the necessary prerequisites for each course and are most commonly taken by juniors and seniors.


Undocumented Student Services 


A need-based form of Financial Aid that you earn through on or off-campus employment and receive in the form of a paycheck.