Online Module and in-person Session

To ensure that you are ready for your first quarter, UCSB offers a two-step transfer orientation process.


Complete the UCSB Transfer Student Module.

Completion of this online module will enable you to register early for your fall classes; your registration appointment time on GOLD will be moved up to a date in mid-August.

  • The 2024 deadline to complete the online module and receive an earlier registration pass time is Monday, August 5.
  • Learn more about how to complete the UCSB Transfer Student Module.


Attend an in-person Transfer Orientation session.

Some major departments will expect you to attend in order to receive academic advising that is critical to a successful transition experience. Register for and learn more about the Transfer Orientation sessions.

Please note: Space in the in-person Transfer Orientation is limited and session dates will close when they are full. We encourage you to submit your reservation promptly if you would like to attend.

There is an orientation fee for the online module and the in-person session. See fees and billing for information on fees, payment, and financial assistance.

By participating in the transfer orientation programming, you will:

  • Understand the academic and community expectations of a UC Santa Barbara student
  • Feel more prepared to transition into a research university
  • Receive important messages and advising information from your college and major department
  • Become acquainted with the resources available
  • Have a better understanding of the UCSB student experience
  • Start making connections with new and current UCSB students
  • Register early for fall classes after the conclusion of all the Orientation sessions in mid-August (you must complete the transfer module by the deadline to obtain the earlier registration pass time)

Major Department Academic Meeting

Transfer students who attend the in-person orientation will meet with their major department during the session for an academic meeting and/or academic advising. Please note that the academic meeting format varies by department.

If you choose not to attend, please note:

  • Due to the high volume of students, departments are often not able to provide academic advising prior to the orientation sessions.
  • Biological Sciences; Communication; Economics; Psychological & Brain Sciences - Incoming transfer students in these major departments will not be able to make an appointment with their department advisor until after the transfer orientation sessions have concluded.

Before making an appointment to see their advisor, all new transfer students should complete the transfer student module.