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Fees & Billing

Transfer Orientation Fees and Policies

The fee for Transfer Orientation is $75. This fee covers both parts of the transfer student orientation process: the online UCSB Transfer Student Module and the in-person Transfer Orientation session. There is not a separate fee for only completing one part of the orientation process.

There is a separate $27 program fee for parents, family members, and guests who attend the in-person Transfer Parent & Family Orientation.

Please note: No payment is due when you make a reservation for an Orientation session. Orientation fees for the session and the transfer module will be billed in the fall and reflected on the student's UCSB BARC Billing Statement. Fee payment deadlines will be noted on the BARC statement.

If you do not attend UCSB after completing the UCSB Transfer Student Module and/or participating in a UCSB Orientation session, you will still be billed and responsible for payment of all orientation fees for services provided.

Why is there a fee for Orientation?

Orientation Programs is self-supported and funded 100% by program fees; no state or campus funding is provided to offset the costs of the program. In addition to covering staff salaries and programmatic expenses, the orientation fee covers the cost of all new student education requirements (Gaucho FYI and Everfi learning modules) and courses designed to introduce new students to the University (ED 20 and ED 118).

Financial Assistance

If paying for orientation is the only reason preventing you from participating:
  • No payment is due when you make a reservation; you will be billed in the fall on your UCSB BARC Billing Statement.
  • UCSB offers a payment plan so that students can defer the amount related to the current quarter fees and charges. Orientation program fees will be charged on the fall quarter statement. See the UCSB Billing website for information about whether a payment plan would be helpful to you.
  • If you're not sure if your parents can attend, you can reserve your space in a session and add them later.
  • Fee reductions that reduce the cost of Orientation are available to eligible students who have demonstrated financial need. See the fee reduction information and application below.

Fee Reductions

A limited number of fee reductions are available to eligible students from families with an annual income of $35,000 or less. These are awarded based on need and in the order we receive applications until funds are depleted. To apply, click on the Application for a Fee Reduction link below. Follow the instructions on the form. If approved, the $25 transfer fee reduction will be deducted from the total orientation fee and the remainder will be billed in the fall.

Please note: Your fee reduction application will not be processed if you do not complete the UCSB Transfer Student Module. Applications must be received no later than August 1.

All fee reductions have been given. Please contact with any further questions.