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Transfer Student Module

UCSB Transfer Student Module

Transfer Student Module available after August 2

Even if you missed the August 2 deadline to receive the earlier registration pass time, completion of the module is still an important step in your introduction and orientation to UCSB. Please complete the Transfer Student Module for academic advising, course registration assistance, and to learn about student life, campus services, co-curricular opportunities, and other valuable information for your first quarter at UCSB. The online module will prepare you to register for classes.

The online module length is approximately one and a half hours. You do not need to complete it all at once; if you exit and log back in at a later time, the module will make note of where you left off.

UCSB Transfer Student Module


Fall Course Registration

Course registration does not take place during the online Transfer Orientation sessions. Completion of the Transfer Student Module will enable you to register early for your fall classes; your registration appointment time on GOLD will be moved up to a date in mid-August after the online sessions have taken place.

The deadline to complete the transfer module and receive an earlier registration pass time was August 2nd. No exceptions will be made to this deadline.

Please note that continuing students register for their classes before incoming students, so your first choice of courses may not always be available. All students will be able to register for a full load of courses appropriate for their first quarter at UCSB.