Orientation & Campus Summer Conference COVID Policies

UCSB Orientation is a campus summer conference during which all attendees must follow the COVID policies set by UCSB Conference & Hospitality Services.

This includes Orientation program participants staying either on campus or off campus.


  • Attendees are encouraged to test for COVID before arrival and should stay home if any symptoms of illness are present.
  • Attendees who test positive for COVID while on campus are encouraged to depart campus within 24 hours and should mask around others and follow current CDC isolation guidelines.
  • Summer conference guests who are ill should not participate in conference events and should not visit the Dining Commons. Information about "Sick Meal" authorization forms will be available the front desk.
  • Masking is optional.

Attendees must comply with any additional COVID-19 related procedures that may be implemented by the University, County, or State.

UC Santa Barbara cannot guarantee that all patrons or employees on site are vaccinated. Unvaccinated individuals may be present.

None of these precautions eliminate the risk of exposure to COVID-19.